Bob Dylan – Abandoned Desire (Desire Sessions, Edited)

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This is a repost of my previous video on the Desire Sessions. The mix was considered copyrighted and I had to edit it out with several other songs so that the video could be available again. I will post a new tracklist but for reference purposes, I included the description from the previous video so you have an idea of the material in the bootleg. I hope you will like it as much as I do.

“Although not as revered as Blood On The Tracks, Desire is still one of Dylan’s strongest album with incredible songs like the protest song Hurricane about Rubin Hurricane Carter, a black boxer wrongfully accused of murder. The song launched the Rolling Thunder Revue across New England to plead for his release from prison, culminating with a concert at Madison Square Garden and another inside Hurricane’s jail. You also have songs like Isis, Romance in Durango, Oh, Sister, and finally Sara. The last song is obviously dedicated to his then wife Sara, when the couple was in a midst of breaking up (which will happen two years later).

Not many outtakes are circulating from that album however, albeit from an alternate version of Hurricane, and alternate takes of Joey and the single Rita May. Other outtakes exist but were released on Bootleg Series Vol. 1-3 (Catfish, Golden Loom) and the magnificent Abandoned Love on Biograph.
On the bootleg, you will find the quadrophonic version of the album (the original intended mix but since the technology didn’t allow a large release, the album was consequently available only on stereo with another mix). You will also have some live recordings of the album through the years, and of course most of the outtakes of Desire.
Another surprise is the session Bob had with Bette Midler for her album Songs From The New Depression with Nuggets of Rain (a spoof of Buckets of Rain from Blood On The Tracks) and the complete rehearsal of that song (with Bob talking, working, and sometimes flirting with Bette Midler).

Here is the tracklist

Quadraphonic Desire
1. Hurricane
2. Isis
3. Mozambique
4. One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Bellow)
5. Oh, Sister
6. Joey
7. Romance In Durango
8. Black Diamond Bay
9. Sara
10. Hurricane (Live – Clinton Correctional Institute, Dec 7, 1975)
11. Romance In Durango (Live – Hammersmith Apollo, Nov 24, 2003)
12. Abandoned Love (Live – The Other End, July 3, 1975)

Abandoned Desire
1. Joey (Alternate Take)
2. Rita May (Single Version)
3. Catfish
4. Golden Loom
5. Hurricane (“Libel” Version)
6. Rita May (Alternate Take)
7. Abandoned Love
8. People Get Ready
9. Nuggets Of Rain
10. Rehearsal Dialogue
11. Buckets Of Rain
12. Joey (Alternate Take) [Corrected]

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