Bob Dylan (full Album) – Oh Mercy 1989

“OH MERCY” sessions, produced by Daniel Lanois
MARCH / JULY 1989 ,, New Orleans, Louisiana

Bob Dylan (vocal, guitar), Tony Hall (bass), Willie Green (drums), Brian Stoltz (guitar), Mason Ruffner (guitar), Cyril Neville (percussion), Daryl Johnson (percussion)

A Dylan performance from each song on album Oh Mercy..

setlist :

1 Political World 00:00
2 Where Teardrops Fall 05:27
3 Everything Is Broken 09:03
4 Ring Them Bells 14:36
5 Man In The Long Black Coat 19:50
6 Most Of The Time 24:13
7 What Good Am I ? 27:55
8 Disease Of Conceit 32:57
9 What Was It You Wanted 38:23
10 Shooting Star 42:27

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