Bob Dylan- Idiot Wind [Unofficial Video] New York Session 1974

Bob Dylan. The 60s rock star and he won a god damn Nobel Prize. And he didn’t even want it. Though sadly he doesn’t have a lot of music videos. I thought tit was a shame, so I decided to help fill the world with more. This is my first to the New York Session of Idiot Wind.


Longer description:

Bob Dylan is a genius.

The undisputed heavy weight of songwriting.

He is who every singer-songwriter who came after is still trying to be. And not one would be ashamed to admit it.

He is a legend in his own time.

Elvis Presley may very well be the King, but Bob Dylan is the Midwest answers to Elvis.

And no one gets to answer the King. Except Bob Dylan.

Who needs no introduction, because he’s 1960s rock star and he won a god damn Nobel Prize. And he didn’t even want it.

Sadly, Bob has a lot of songs, but not a lot of music videos. I’m assuming after he was done inventing them, he felt there was nothing more to really be done and lost interest.

I thought that was a shame because I love music videos and Bob Dylan. I also love making music videos, so I decided I would help fill the world with more Dylan videos.

This is my first to the New York Session of Idiot Wind.

If you like it please comment and I’ll do more.

If you would like to request a song, comment with that, too. However, Bob Dylan’s mafia down in Columbia is pretty tough on YouTube and any of Bob’s recorded songs I cannot work with.

These videos use common domain footage from many many different sources and take a very long time for me to make. I won’t be able to do every request.

I only wish one day there could be a credited system and ability to use Bob Dylan’s recorded albums in original work on YouTube. That would be a dream for me, as well as a life sentence staring at my computer.


The original version of Idiot Wind can be found on the album Blood on the Tracks. New York can be found somewhere after Old York. And Bob Dylan can be found standing in line in the rain to see a movie staring Gregory Peck, but you know it’s not the one that he had in mind.

Idiot Wind written by Bob Dylan
Recorded in New York, probably
Written in a room somewhere, maybe
Originally recorded by: a machine
And stolen by everyone

Including me, who downloaded this song off of YouTube from:

Bob Meck

Video sources are in common domain and come from my collection of vintage archival footage.

Editing and composition by me J Robert Oppenheimer @

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